Treating Ear Infections

How to treat your dog’s ear infection for under $5.00

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR “ACV” is just what the Dr. ordered to cure most ear infections in dogs.  Apple cider vinegar has a plethora of medicinal uses, one of which is to sooth and cure your dog’s ear infection.

How do you tell your dog has an ear infection?  Some of the most obvious signs are: Obsessive shaking of the head, obsessive scratching of the ear, rubbing ear on the ground or furniture, tenderness when the ear gets rubbed or massaged.  Also when you flip your dog’s ear to look inside, you notice brown gunky build up/discharge, strong smelling odor, redness or blistering of skin inside the ear itself or underside of ear.   (DISCLAIMER)…….  Ear mites and hot spots are the only infection ACV won’t work on.   Yes, a dog can get a hot spot in the ear.  It is rare, but we have even seen them erupt over night inside an ear due to stress or diet change.  (Breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labs, among others, are notorious for hot spots)  If it is a hot spot, the ear will swell , get quite hot,and have a wet puss like discharge from the center and edges of the hot spot, and it will want to spread.  If this is what your dog has, DO NOT use ACV………………… need to get your dog on antibiotics and shave any hair around the hot spot. Dry it as much as you can, and apply Desitin (product used for baby diaper rash )  Get the ointment, not the cream.  It will seal out moisture and heal, sooth, and supple the painfully sore skin.   ACV  has  anti fungal properties, but you do need antibiotics for sever hot spots.  (We consider the ones that erupt in the ear to be severe.)There are many other natural ways to treat a hot spot and that will be next months tip. J

Apple cider vinegar will cure every ear infection except for hot spots and ear mites.  Ear mites can only be seen under powerful magnification.  They are a bothersome little bug/parasite that mass reproduce.   Your first clue that it is ear mites is that brown gunky build up in the ear mentioned earlier.  Your dog can reinfest himself/herself from infested bedding or another animal around that has ear mites.  (Cats are notorious ear mite hosts.)  You can get drops at your local feed store to take care of this problem pretty inexpensively……………just remember to wash all of you dogs beds and blankets in hot water and sanitize the area around where he/she sleeps.

Recipie:  To treat regular yeast or common ear infection in your dog, mix 2 PARTS WATER TO 1 PART ACV.  We use a Table spoon to measure.  Use warm water and have some cotton balls handy.  Once you have this simple solution mixed, dip your cotton ball into mixture and give it one squeeze and a little shake.  Squeeze what you have left in the cotton ball into effected ear.  Then, use cotton ball to wipe excess gunk if you see any, out of the ear.  You can also use a q-tip for this part. (Be careful to not go in too deep if using a q-tip.) Some ears are a mess and will take several cotton balls/q-tips to get clean.  Thoroughly massage the ear until you hear a little “sqidge” noise from the few drops of ACV/water mixture and clean out again with cotton ball.  Be carful not to drown/douse the ear with more than a few big drops of ACV solution.  An ear that stays too wet will not heal well.  Side note:  Be very  carful to NOT get water and shampoo in your dog’s ear when you give them a bath.  (You would be surprised to know how many ear problems are caused by doing this.)

Repeat this 2-3 times a day for 7-10 days and your dog’s ear infection should be gone.  Your dog will smell a little sweet and apple like while using this tried and true remedy.  If you can not afford a visit to your local Veterinarian, and you need help problem solving, Try .  All of their customer service reps are required to take continuing education classes on a wide variety of ailments and treatments.  You can also order quality, inexpensive vaccines and antibiotics through them that cost a fraction of what you would pay at a Vet clinic.

Apple Cider Vinegar also happens to contain antioxidants  and 19 out of the 22 vitamins and minerals your dog needs.  You can add a teaspoon to their food 2-3 times per week.  You will notice a difference in their health and brightness in their eyes.  (To make the ACV palatable, you might try mixing it in a small amount of wet food. Otherwise it is like a shot of whiskey)

Remember: Responsible dog ownership is a process of learning all you can to make life better for you and your wonderful companion.  We hope this month’s tip is informative and helpful.