Home Style Dog Vitamin Bites

Mix in food processor and freeze in ice cube trays or container and just use a melon scoop to measure for each dog.

Directions for feeding: 1 cube/ scoop vitamin mix 4 times each week for dog under
50 #’s; 2-3 cubes/scoops vitamin mix 4 times a week for dogs over 50 #’s.

1/2 c      Broccoli
1/2 c      Kale
1/2 c      Alfalfa sprouts or powder
3            Raw eggs with shells
2 T          Apple Cider Vinegar
1 T          Powdered Vit. C
1 T          Powdered Taurine
1 T          Pro-Biotic
2 cans    Tuna (w/ water or oil)
2 T          Flaxseed Oil
2 T          Cod Liver Oil
3 T          Missing Link Plus (powered vitamin supplement in a gold pouch available at most pet stores)
1/2 c      Pureed carrots
1/2 c      Pureed sweet potatoes
1/2 c      Canned Pumpkin

Remember: Responsible dog ownership is a process of learning all you can to make life better for you and your wonderful companion.  We hope this month’s tip is informative and helpful.