Dog Food Recipe

The price of dog food is becoming outrageous so we thought you might like to learn of an alternative way to feed your pet. KING 5 News did a story recently featuring All Pets Go To Heaven. Here’s a recipe that was shared for healthy, homemade dog food. We hope you’ll try it on your pet or take a class.

1 lb organic ground beef or turkey or bison or venison or veal or pork
2 large organic zucchini or celery
2 large organic carrots or parsnip or cooked beet
¼ small head of organic cabbage or 1 stalk of broccoli
2 tbsp organic olive oil
1 tbsp organic flax seed oil
1 tbsp organic hemp seed oil
1 tbsp organic ground tumeric
Add organic blueberries or apple or raspberries or banana

Mix well and serve.  Store in the refrigerator and use as needed.  You can make larger amounts and store in the freezer as well.

Please note – I feed my dogs raw ingredients.  If you don’t want to feed raw, simply mix the ingredients and fry servings in olive oil on low to medium heat or bake at 325 degrees in a bread pan for 35 minutes as a meatloaf.

Try to avoid corn and wheat as they are common allergens.  Don’t feed too much fruit as it has high levels of sugar.  Do not add raisins or grapes as they are toxic.  Do not add salt.

When you bake food, you remove nutrients, so feeding raw is best unless for some reason their systems cannot tolerate it.  This would be the case in very old dogs, or some dogs with compromised immune systems.  If you microwave your food, you will kill the beneficial enzymes in the food.  If you are going to cook, it is better to cook on a stove rather than microwave.  Raw food in some cases can be extremely beneficial for dogs with cancer.  Please visit www.barfworld.comor for more information.   There is information on transitioning your pet’s diet as well as providing variety in their diet.

Feeding Guidelines: 
When you are feeding raw ingredients, you do not need to feed as much as you would with kibble.  You will notice a marked improvement in teeth, fur, attitude, immune system etc.  Your pet will drink much less water when you feed raw.

For extremely small pets (teacup variety under 10 lbs) feed ¼ cup

For 10 – 30 lbs feed ½ cup
For 30- 50 lbs feed ¾ cup
For 50 -75 lbs feed 1 cup
For 75-100 lbs feed 1-1/4 cup

When feeding portions you may also add a tbsp of organic canned pumpkin or sweet potato (for larger dogs – less for smaller dogs).  Make sure it is not ingredients intended for pie as they contain added spices and sugar.  You can also add:  canned sardines packed in water or tuna packed in water or tongol packed in water.  You can cook whitefish such as snapper or sole, you can also cook salmon to add to the food.  You can add canned clams packed in water.  You can also add organic chicken or beef hearts or organic chicken, lamb or beef liver either raw or cooked. Adding organ meet is important for the diet.  You will also need to add some form of calcium either through yogurt, liquid calcium, raw meaty bones (never cooked) or bone meal supplements.

Other supplements can include:  acidopholus or organic yogurt as a probiotic, seaweed or chopped nori as micronutrients, organic apple cider vinegar, salmon oil, digestive enzymes.  Glucosamine and chondroitin and msm are also great for joint support.

If you’re interested in taking a class:
The next class will be held on October 25th in Redmond at Paws Care ( The class will be hands on where you will be making and taking home dog food as well as treats.  We will also discuss supplements and specialty diets and include some easy and environmentally friendly cleaning substances to make and use at home.  The cost is $100. You can Email Terri with questions or if you wish to register.  

All Pets Go To Heaven
35022 SE Fall City Snoqualmie Road
Fall City, WA  98024

The next two classes will be held on
Saturday, November 1st from 1pm – 5pm and
Saturday, November 15th from 1pm – 5pm
Location: All Pets go To Heaven in Fall City
Cost: $75

Responsible dog ownership is a process of learning all you can to make life better for you and your wonderful companion.  We hope this month’s tip is informative and helpful.

Enjoy your furry friends!