Here’s what customers are saying about our dogs:

Dec 2017

🍑 Peaches is a whopping 4.5 lbs now, playful, cuddly, and the most popular dog wherever we go!   She sits on command, is fully house broken, and “goes to bed” when told!  She still isn’t allowed upstairs, which she has opinion about, but she is super obedient and will wait at the bottom of the stairs for us when we are busy around the house. She does amazing with kids and does well off leash in our green space out back!   Her personality is sweet with a little bit of sassy! She is the best new addition to our family and we are so grateful for her❤️

I bought Ruby about two years ago. Her name was Barbi when we got her. I just wanted to send you this adorable pic of her. She is our gift from God and we absolutely love her to pieces. We are considering getting another one. 🙂
“I just turned two! I love to run, chase bunnies and cats, snuggle with Lou and Nancy and play with my toys. I even like my bath! I still have “big bear” my first toy and gift from you. I sleep with him every night. I hope my brothers and sisters are as loved as I am.” xoxo Luna
“This was the best $1200 I’ve ever spent!”
“My Rock Star!”
“Well, I am so amazed! We brought April into the house while the kids quietly swarmed around me amazed anything could be so small and cute. We put her in our pen (designed to be as much like yours as possible), and let each family member hang out in the pen with her to say hello and get acquainted. She immediately ate all the food in her bowl, drank some water and wandered right over to use her potty box smart as can be! She cuddled with everyone, licked and played, enjoyed a little wander around the kitchen, and went to sleep in her crate (door removed as suggested, in her pen). I don’t know if the transition could have been any better! My 16 year old son keeps hugging me telling me she is perfect. The little ones are repeating the same lines but with, “I just love her mommy!” She is napping quietly now. She did not bark, whimper, or whine. She is loving, friendly, and playful. We couldn’t be happier or more pleased! Thank you for all your thoughtful, hard work, and care to make such a wonderful addition to our family. We enjoyed meeting you and so appreciate your thoughtful gifts and all the information you provided. Wow! We feel so blessed!”
“Katya has decided to name him Chester. She absolutely loves him and they are the best of friends! He had an accident last night but used his litter box every time he needed to today. We went out to dinner tonight and realized that we’d accidentally left his kennel open. We fully expected a huge mess when we got home, but instead, he was waiting to greet us at the front door and had left a little present in his litter box. He is so smart!”
“Barley is still such a cutie pie. We have been so happy with her. We have 2 friends now with Bikki Bears and just sent your website to someone else tonight. It reminded me to send you a picture so people could see what an adult Bikki Bear looks like. As you can see they stay super cute!”
“We just love this little guy! He’s now showing his personality and is quite a character with lots of funny antics. We have to keep reminding him that we’re the top dog and not him.”
“This has been the best Christmas ever! Our friends are fighting over babysitting him. Thanks for such a wonderful gift!”
Lilly has been on a raw foods since she was a puppy. I swear my the raw diet, her coat is shiny, her teeth are sparkly white. Lilly just saw the vet today and she asked me what I’m doing because she’s in perfect shape and couldn’t believe that I don’t brush her teeth, she said whatever your doing keep it up. I also chose not to vaccinate her so every year I do a titer which is a blood draw that will show me what vaccination she needs and so far I haven’t had to vaccinate her yet because she’s still immune from when she was a puppy and from what she got from her mommy. My dog is like my children, you have to be there advocate and make the right choices. Drs and vets do what they are trained to do, and there only human, we need to do what we feel inside and I choose not to over vaccinate and give them only what they need.
Kimbi with Claire (best)
“Kimbi is already doing great and already has a fan club on Facebook!”
“Beau loves to have his picture taken”